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Orange County CBD E-Liquid Mister Berg - 50ml


The CBD industry has reached a huge selection of people who happily use its products for a range of reasons. From edibles and oils to topicals and tinctures, there’s an awful lot to be found in the CBD world. One of best applications has been providing recovering smokers with a nicotine-free vaping option that still carries a kick: something that all of Orange County’s CBD E-Liquids do fantastically.

With Mr Berg you’re getting a high-quality no nicotine E-liquid that comes with the added bonus of multi-award-winning CBD. With the choice of either a 1000mg, 1500mg or 2500mg concentrate, this E-liquid is perfect for both those new to the world of CBD and those who know exactly what they want from it.

Orange County’s CBD is sourced from certified hemp farms in the United States. They extract their CBD from the raw material using an advanced, solvent-free method that provides you with non-GMO, pesticide-free CBD of the highest quality. As a CBD isolate all the other cannabinoids have been stripped away, giving you a purely CBD experience. With no THC present at all, the CBD will be doing all the work.

Cooked up using naturally occurring flavourings, Mr Berg carries a cooling menthol taste undercut with berry and fruits. With no nicotine at all, this refreshing E-liquid is an excellent choice for recovering smokers and pure vapers alike.

Vaping Mister Berg (Fruit):

Mr Berg can be dosed the same way as most E-liquids: that is to say, fill up your tank and vape away. You don’t need any special kind of coil or particular settings, as in a vape CBD operates in a similar way to every other E-liquid ingredient.

If you are used to vaping tobacco or plain E-liquid, you will need to keep a closer eye on how much you vape with any CBD infused E-liquid. This is because the CBD itself needs to be properly dosed in order for you to get your ideal experience. When you’re an eager vaper it’s far too easy to vape too much, so keep in mind how much liquid you’re getting through every day. Be sure not to exceed the FSA recommended limit of 70mg of CBD in a single day.

With a ratio of 60:40 for vegetable glycerine to propylene glycol, Mr Berg is perfectly formulated for use in a sub-ohm device. If you want that cool menthol and sweet berry flavour in even bigger, more intense clouds, sub-ohm is the way forwards.


Hemp derived Cannabidiol isolate (CBD) 1000mg per 50ml, Vegetable Glycerine (60%), Mono-Propylene Glycol (40%), Flavourings.

Hemp derived Cannabidiol isolate (CBD) 1500mg per 50ml, Vegetable Glycerine (60%), Mono-Propylene Glycol (40%), Flavourings.


Hemp derived Cannabidiol isolate (CBD) 2500mg per 50ml, Vegetable Glycerine (60%), Mono-Propylene Glycol (40%), Flavourings.

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