Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD Honey Sticks Blueberry 250mg - 25pcs


With a pack of 25 Blueberry Flavored CBD-infused Honey Sticks (250mg) from Diamond CBD, you can take the berry sweet taste of honey with you wherever you go, and share it with all of your friends. Each stick is packed with 10mg of all-natural hemp-derived CBD — that’s 250mg of pure CBD per jar. It’s a blueberry blast combined with honey to remind you of those delicious fruits that you love.

Add our Blueberry Flavored CBD-infused Honey Sticks to a cup of tea, or use them to flavor your salad. They’re the perfect pick-me-up after you’ve gone out for a run, and they’re great for snacking at any time of day. And each individually wrapped stick is great for a snack on the go!

Your friends may have to hurry though because these CBD Honey Sticks are so sticky, sweet, and delicious that 25 may not last that long once the word spreads about what you have. So grab a 25 pack of Blueberry Flavored CBD-infused Honey Sticks today, and taste the honey fruit goodness.

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