Hemp Vision

Hemp Vision GMP Grade CBD Isolate - 99% Pure


We stock the highest quality, cheapest CBD isolate for the UK retail market, and can provide lab analysis which certifies it’s 99% purity, pure CBD crystals.

This CBD powder is manufactured from pure crystals, FSA & EFSA validated and is the real deal, perfect for dabbing and for use in the manufacture of CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD e-liquids and vapes, cosmetic products and many other uses.

Key Product Details

  • FSA & EFSA validated for use in foods
  • GMP Certified 21 CFR part 111 & 117
  • ISO 9001:2015 laboratory
  • 99% Pure CBD isolate, 0% THC
  • Odourless & Tasteless 
  • Free of heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides 
  • 3rd party lab tested, full analyses supplied on purchase if required
  • Imported from USA; no import duty tax or risk of seizure

Perfect for the retail industry, these pure crystals are available from 250mg to 25g in easy to shelve containers to catch consumers’ attention.


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