Cannwell Triple C MCT CBD Oil 2500mg - 30ml


Triple C is a unique blend of premium, high-strength CBD for rest and recovery, and upgraded C8 MCT for enhanced energy and focus. When you combine the two, you are left with a potent natural oil that allows you to live your life exactly the way nature intended. When you want to power your body and mind the natural way, you need a single product that reconnects you with everything you need. It’s what led Cannwell to create their innovative new Triple C oil, and it’s an approach that makes all the difference to your health and wellness.

CBD connects with key receptors in the brain to provide the natural calm and relief that make all the difference. It’s non-psychoactive, all-natural and exactly what you need to set yourself at ease. By filling a gap in the market for premium, high-strength CBD you can trust, Triple C makes all the difference.

C8 MCT is a little different. It’s a natural oil sourced from coconuts that are enriched with caprylic acid — an easy-to-digest, healthy fat that provides long-lasting energy whenever you need it. Standard MCT Oil is one thing, but there’s nothing like upgrading to C8 for the real thing.

Plant-based ingredients, Designed around your lifestyle. High strength CBD in upgraded C8 MCT Oil. Nature, Redefined. 99% Caprylic acid – Sourced from coconuts – CBD traced to source.

Key Information:

  • THC Free
  • 100% Plant Based
  • Non GMO
  • GMP Certified
  • Lab Tested
  • Made In Europe


C8 MCT Oil (91.7%), CBD Isolate (8.3%)

Suggested Use:

Shake bottle well before use. We recommend using 0.75ml (15 drops) once per day or 0.35ml (7 drops) twice per day under your tongue and let it soak into your Sublingual Glands for 60-90 seconds until fully absorbed. One drop (0.05ml) of Cannwell's 2500mg Triple C CBD Oil will provide you 4.17mg of CBD Isolate.

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