Cannwell Triple C MCT CBD Oil 1200mg - 30ml


Cannwell Triple C C8 MCT offers 30ml of the highest quality CBD with range of strengths to satisfy your needs.

Cannwell Triple C C8 MCT is 0% THC cannabidiol oil, featuring a range of constituents derived from the hemp plant. Blended with the upgraded C8 MCT oil which is a natural coconut sourced oil enriched with capylylic acid, making it healthy and easy to digest.

Cannwell Triple C C8 MCT is ideal for a range of purposes. You can use it for everything, from adding it to your coffee to putting a couple of drops under your tongue in the morning. A premium oil like this offers you dozens of options, freeing you up to take your CBD how and when you like.

Cannwell’s CBD is organic, meaning that it comes free from pesticides or herbicides. All hemp plants are batch tested and grown in precision-controlled greenhouses within the EU to the highest quality, giving you a high concentration of CBD in every drop.

0% THC
Premium batch tested ingredients
GMP Certified

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