Canabidol CBD Cannabis Oil - 10ml


Developed with premium Cannabis sativa L. extract enriched with hundreds of cannabis terpenes. Canabidol™ Cannabis CBD Oil is one of the best tasting and best-selling CBD oil supplements, its highly refined formula meets the exacting standards required by pharmacists and healthcare professionals. Perfect for all users. 

When buying Canabidol™ Cannabis CBD Oil, you can rest assured knowing that your oil is consistent, compliant and manufactured to the highest of standards. Canabidol's products are produced by highly skilled cannabis scientists in their very own laboratories based here in the United Kingdom.

British Cannabis™ is the largest producer, manufacturer and distributor of legal cannabis derived CBD food supplement products in the United Kingdom. Canabidol own and operate the largest cannabis extraction and purification facility in England.

Having successfully launched two of it’s own CBD retail brands; Canabidol™, which offer a variety of premium 100% cannabis CBD food supplements, as well as a high-quality, low-cost flavoured CBD oil brand, Access CBD.


99.8% Cannabis sativa L., 0.2% Natural Terpene Flavourings.

Suggested Use:

Using the pipette provided, drop desired amount of CBD oil under your tongue.

Keep the CBD oil in your mouth for as long as possible to increase the bioavailability of CBD.

Swallowing your CBD oil instantly will reduce the bioavailability of CBD absorbed into your bloodstream.

Lab Reports:

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