Our customers often ask how and why we created Hemp Vision. Formed by a group of young professionals with an idea of crafting and placing the best CBD products to the market, Hemp Vision had already proved successful. Our goal is to be at the forfront of the CBD industry. We believe in the research and the success stories.

Fairly new to the United Kingdom population, industrial hemp was stigmatised and condemned only a few years ago. The advancement has been quite slow. Yet, we were so committed to conducting our researches, proving all the benefits of using CBD tinctures, pain creams, extracts, vapes, and edibles. Hemp Vision was highly devoted to informing people across the country about the effects of CBD oil and other products.

We all knew at least one person suffering from insomnia, anxiety, stress and many more. As time was passing, we were realising more and more traditional remedies were failing when people needed them the most. Some of the members walked away, being unable to deal with the pressure and responsibility. And then, a hair-raising news put the rest of us on the final test. This made us fight our own stereotypical fears and see whether the alternative healing CBD practice worked for real. When the journey began, we knew we would end it as either winners or losers. 

Our story is a story about unshakeable friendships that set out our goal for the future. We take pride in providing our customers with the best products on the market to date. Today, we have thousands of customers sharing their success stories, and their number is growing day after day.