CBD vape oil or sleeping pills: Which is the better choice?

Insomnia can occur for a whole host of reasons related to lifestyle, stress or anxiety, and even melatonin imbalance. Sleeping pills have been the go-to solution for years, but they do carry a number of side effects, not least dependency, and their efficacy can vary. Increasing numbers of people are turning to CBD vape oil for their sleep-related needs, but is it really a better choice than sleeping pills?

Is the best CBD vape oil in the UK better than pills?

CBD is an emergent but ever more popular remedy for insomnia, and while much of the associated evidence is anecdotal at this stage, many people have found it to be beneficial. The biggest associated downside with sleeping pills is that they’re potentially addictive, which can in turn lead to withdrawal symptoms when treatment is eventually discontinued. Similarly, while common sleeping pills like Valium and Ambien will help a person fall asleep, they often won’t help them experience REM sleep, which is the most important sleep phase. REM is essential for physical and mental recovery, and boosts cognition as well as general wellbeing.

CBD, on the other hand, lacks those addictive qualities. Many find that it has anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties, to help an individual get to sleep. For some, however, the effects are thought to run much deeper. Many choose CBD vape oil because of its effect on REM sleep. People who use CBD to help them get to sleep report that they don’t remember their dreams. Dreams occur during REM sleep and not recalling them means that individuals didn’t wake up during that crucial stage. Similarly, it's claimed that the compounds in CBD have an equally beneficial effect on our circadian rhythm. Anecdotal evidence suggests that compounds in CBD actually help to maintain the circadian rhythm, which in turn helps individuals develop normal sleep patterns.

Unlike sleeping pills, CBD doesn’t pose the same risk of addiction, and nor is it likely to cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it. It’s also somewhat easier to tailor your dosage to individual need, so you can start off small and increase if necessary.

What is the best CBD vape oil in the UK for sleep?

The best CBD vape oil in the UK largely depends on the individual, so it’s always important to do your research. We can offer you a few tips though. Unlike sleeping pills, the ways to administer CBD are nearly limitless. Vaping is the quickest and most effective method of delivery, and we recommend doing this 5-10 minutes before going to bed to enjoy the best results. This is much quicker than a traditional sleeping pill, which can take up to an hour to work, and another reason that many prefer CBD vape oil. It’s also important to use only quality products. We can’t stress that enough. Lower quality oils might be more attractively priced, but they're also likely to be contaminated with pesticides and other impurities. The purer the oil, the more potent the effect, so it’s always worth paying a little extra for quality.

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