Can regular use of CBD oil help with back pain ailments?

CBD is still a newcomer in health and wellness but has quickly become popular in homeopathic remedies for many common problems. It is not currently endorsed or regulated by the FDA, so it is important to be vigilant.

You can find CBD for back pain in many forms, from topical creams to gels. There’s still a lot of work required to prove this natural ingredient can treat ailments without unintended side effects, but initial results have been promising.

What is CBD?

CBD won’t get you high. It’s formed from a particular plant and is believed to offer a range of positive effects including anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties that could make it useful in treating back or joint pain. CBD is also widely considered to offer calming properties that can reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

By harnessing the potential healing powers of CBD oil for back pain, salves, balms, creams, lotions, and gels could allow people to experience a calm and pain-free life without resorting to chemical intervention.

Back pain and current treatments

Back pain can be caused by many things such as your age, weight, and physical health. It can also be caused by poor posture, inflammation, muscle spasms, or following a major injury or medical condition, or by a lack of sleep and stress. When it comes to treating chronic back pain, doctors will often prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or muscle relaxants. They might also prescribe anti-depressants if the cause is linked to stress or poor sleep.

CBD oil for back pain

There are many treatments aimed at helping back pain and these are continuously being added to by many different medical and herbal options. CBD oil is a relatively new idea that stems from the range of beneficial properties this plant-derived ingredient offers. Although studies aren’t yet conclusive, CBD oil has been shown to produce analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties in addition to many different muscle relaxant qualities.
This range of benefits could allow CBD oil to help and be an incredibly effective answer to almost any type of back pain.

CBD oil for arthritis and spinal injuries

There’s has been evidential reports to suggest that using CBD oil may well be an effective relief for many different forms of pain.
A 2017 study found applying CBD to joints affected with arthritis significantly reduced inflammation and pain. This concurred with a previous review in 2014 on CBD and osteoarthritis.
Of course, this cannot be fully substantiated however, there are many different thoughts on its effectiveness for health reasons. Similarly, CBD experiments have suggested the oil could be useful with many other conditions by reducing the severity of damage and significantly decreasing swelling.

CBD oil for sleep and stress

CBD oil can also be effective in aiding with a peaceful night’s sleep (another common cause of back pain) and reducing anxiety in patients, as shown in a 2019 study. Again, more studies are required to definitively show CBD is a viable and effective pain reliever for back pain and related issues, but the initial results show this to be a promising solution that many have benefitted from already.

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